Q&A with Henry Nozuka

When and Why did you start playing?

I first starting playing music when I was around 7 or so. I remember my brothers started a boy band called “Brothers Love” and I always loved watching them sing, and really was their biggest fan : ) So I would mimic them and sing too. I remember writing my first song I think when I was 13 or so. I sung it for my public school when Justin had a performance there, and he invited me up to sing a song. I starting singing musical theatre in high school, but then decided to study Modern Dance, ballet, and choreography more seriously. During that time, I starting composing for dance pieces on the piano and was able to record a little bit too. This was a special time, because I was able to really listen to great works like Stravinski, and Debussy, while dancing to them. It really opened my mind up to music. I was 17 then. Finally, Christian really inspired me to begin to take songwriting and singing more seriously when he came back from tour with Justin. We started a band, and wrote a lot of songs together. This was really the time when I began to learn how to write and explore music as a songwriter. Christian and I create a really special environment together that always feels very free and open to creativity and flow.

What was the first tune you learned?

Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze. But I remembered having Lauryn Hill’s “Miseducation” on a tape player when I was like 10 : )

Which musicians do you admire? Why?

Oh wow! That’s a hard question. There are so many incredible musicians who have lived. And I admire so many of them. Music is such a deep expression, and has such deep roots in every culture, which is why I feel that there is so many people to admire and appreciate. Whether or not they became famous or not. I think overall, the most important part in music is the message, or the intention in which the music was made. I think the most powerful music is the music that speaks of Love and Truth. Whether or not they say it, or even if the music is not lyrical, I think that one’s intention in creating is the most important. I am a massive Bob Marley fan. I love Stevie Wonder, John Coltrane, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Mike Stern. I very much appreciate the Beatles, and Jeff Buckley. And of course George, Phil, Justin and Christian’s music that has been a huge influence on me growing up. I’ve gone through many phases of different music, but at this point, I’d say those are the ones that have stuck through time. Also I’ve become a really big fan and listener of Indian Classical music, and especially have been listening to Qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. His music is pure devotional music, and his musicianship is beyond this earth. He is a very big inspiration.


How is your up coming up EP different from your earlier work?

The new EP entitled (I think) “The Unstruck Sound” is gonna be a little different from the last one. I’m gonna have more musician’s on it which I’m excited about that. I’m currently studying Jazz music at Humber College, so I’m meeting a lot of fantastic up and coming musicians. It’s been a blast to collab with them, and work on putting a band together. It’s a collection of work that has some older songs that I’ve been working on for a couple of years now, “I Wonder”, and “Denia Streets” and the rest are new songs. The two first songs are more acoustic, and the first Interlude song is like a meditation. Just because I felt that in this crazy world, it’d be nice for people to have something to remind them of the inner peace. The rest I was trying to write songs that will be a little more lively, and relate to a band easier than the last EP.

3 Albums that influence you as a musician?

Bob Marley Legend, Stevie Wonder Innervisions, and Jeff Buckley Grace.

Where do you see yourself as a musician 5 years from now?

5 years from now, I’d love to be either constantly on the road, or constantly in the studio. Hopefully I’ll have grown more, and learned more about making special music. If it’s meant to be that I’ll be playing music, I’d be very happy to be doing that all the time.


Do you have more projects in the works for 2018?

Yes. I’m gonna be spending sometime at an incredibly special place in Umpqua Oregon. Where I lived for three years. It is a Meditation Retreat Centre, and Organic Farm. I’ll spend a month there, to clear my mind and charge up and then I’ll go to Europe to tour and stay and write in Germany. I’ll be working on writing an album, or another EP. Not sure yet when it will be released though, but hopefully before 2018 ends.

His upcoming ep The Unstruck Sound drops April 26th. Also make sure you check out his lastest tunes.



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